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Custom DHCP options

TVIP Mediacenters (OS Linux) send a special device identifier TVIPSTB.

tvip_update_server224string Update server address(hostname,ip). Will be saved to /var/tvip/update_server.dhcp.
tvip_provision_server231string Provisioning server address(hostname,ip). Will be saved to /var/tvip/provision_server.dhcp.

isc-dhcpd example config

option tvip_provision_server code 231 = text;
option tvip_update_server code 224 = text;

class "TVIP" {
    match if (option vendor-class-identifier="TVIPSTB");
    option tvip_provision_server "";
    option tvip_update_server "";

DHCP options are not supported on Android OS for 6xx.

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