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TVIP learning remote control

TVIP learning IR remote control is compatible with all S-Box models.

“TV CONTROL” buttons programming:

  1. Press “SET” button on the Mediacenter’s remote control and hold it for 2 seconds until red LED becomes bright. Now remote control is ready to be programmed.
  2. Press any button from “TV CONTROL” group which you want to program, and red LED starts to blink.
  3. Place two remote controllers facing each other at 1 cm distance, press and hold the button for 2 seconds on the TV remote control, which you want to teach your media center.
  4. After three quick flashes and when the red LED lights up constantly, programming of remote control’s buttons on the Mediacenter is completed.
  5. Repeat these actions of programming for all buttons that are necessary.
  6. To complete the programming process and to save new settings of the remote control of the Mediacenter , press button “SET”. The red LED should turn off. The remote control is ready to use.

TVIP IR remote with multiple IR code pages

IR remote with multiple code pages has “MC” tag at the bottom right corner of the TVIP logo.
TVIP IR codes could in some cases be the same as codes on a TV or some other equipment. You can change IR code page to resolve such issues. There are 3 different IR code pages. The first “0” code page is the same as on a regular TVIP remote.

:!: Please note, that IR code page change is only supported on TVIP mediacenters running OS Linux-Qt with firmwares 4.0.13 and higher.

Steps to change code page:

  1. Press “Settings” (at the left of S.INFO) and “Recall” (at the left of “0”) at the same time. Remote will switch to the next code page (totally 3 code pages).
  2. Point the remote to the mediacenter, press “S.INFO” button and hold it for 10 seconds. Mediacenter will display a message about changed code page.

TVIP remote with IR and Bluetooth technologies

Some TVIP mediacenters have dual IR+Bluetooth remote controls. These remotes have “BT” tag at the bottom right corner of the TVIP logo.
Dual remote uses Bluetooth connection if possible. Otherwise it uses IR.

Possible statuses of a dual remote:

  • Single LED blink after a single key press means that remote uses Bluetooth connection.
  • Multiple LED blink after a single key press means that remote uses IR.
  • Fast LED blinking means that remote is connecting to a mediacenter.

Usually, a dual remote connects to a compatible mediacenter over Bluetooth protocol automatically.
Steps to pair remote manually:

  1. Use a thin tool to press and hold the button located at the bottom of TVIP mediacenter. Hold it for 10 seconds. Mediacenter will start searching for a new BT remote.
  2. Press and hold INFO and EPG keys on the remote at the same time until LED starts blinking.
  3. When mediacenter finds the remote, remote will start blinking fast for a couple of seconds. Then connection should be established.

:!: Please note: usage of dual Bluetooth+IR remote is only recommended in pair with a mediacenter that supports Bluetooth. Otherwise, performance will be lower (compared to general IR remote) and battery life will be shorter.

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