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TVIP learning remote control Gen2

TVIP learning IR remote control is compatible with all S-Box models.
:!: Supported from firmware 5.0.48.

To program the buttons, turn the TV on/off, and control the sound volume settings, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the original remote (for example, from your TV) and the TVIP remote.
  2. On the TVIP Remote, press the “FN” and “HOME” buttons at the same time and hold them for a few seconds until the green LED located to the left of the power button lights up. This means that the remote control is ready for learning.
  3. Press and hold the button on the TVIP remote that you want to learn, the available buttons for learning are TV on/off, VOL+, VOL-, mute. The green LED on the TVIP Remote will start flashing.
  4. Place the infrared indicators of the two remotes opposite each other at a distance of about 5 - 10 cm. Press and hold the button on the original remote for two seconds that you want to teach the TVIP remote.
  5. The green LED on the TVIP Remote will blink three times and then stay on. Then you can continue learning another button.
  6. Repeat the learning process for all the buttons you need.
  7. Press the “FN” button on the TVIP Remote to save and exit learning mode, the green LED should turn off.

Switching between STB and TV volume control modes

To use the programmed TV control buttons, press and hold “FN and VOL +” at the same time until the green LED lights up.

To use the sound control buttons of the STB, press and hold “FN and VOL-” at the same time until the green LED lights up.

Remote control with Bluetooth technology

Some TVIP media centers come with a remote that supports both IR and Bluetooth. Such remotes have the designation “BT” in the lower right corner of the logo.
If there is no connection with the media center via Bluetooth, the remote control works in IR mode.

Usually, the remote control establishes a Bluetooth connection with the media center automatically. If you need to manually pairing/repairing the remote control, do the following:

  1. Press the button on the bottom of the media center with a thin pointed object and hold it for 10 seconds. The media center will enter the search mode for a new BT remote control. Or select “System” on home screen than “Bluetooth remote” and push “Reconnect”.
  2. Press and hold the “FN and BACK” buttons on the remote at the same time until the indicator starts flashing.
  3. Once the media center finds the remote, it will flash rapidly for a few seconds. Then the connection will be established.

:!: Please pay attention, that the use of a Bluetooth remote control is only recommended with media centers that support this technology. The remote will work with any TVIP media center in IR mode, however, the response to pressing the buttons may be worse, and the battery life time will decrease.

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