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TVIP learning remote control

TVIP learning IR remote control is compatible with all S-Box models.

“TV CONTROL” buttons programming:

  1. Press “SET” button on the Mediacenter’s remote control and hold it for 2 seconds until red LED becomes bright. Now remote control is ready to be programmed.
  2. Press any button from “TV CONTROL” group which you want to program, and red LED starts to blink.
  3. Place two remote controllers facing each other at 1 cm distance, press and hold the button for 2 seconds on the TV remote control, which you want to teach your media center.
  4. After three quick flashes and when the red LED lights up constantly, programming of remote control’s buttons on the Mediacenter is completed.
  5. Repeat these actions of programming for all buttons that are necessary.
  6. To complete the programming process and to save new settings of the remote control of the Mediacenter , press button “SET”. The red LED should turn off. The remote control is ready to use.
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