TVIP Application Release Notes for S-Box v.410 based on Android OS

3.8.7 (12.07.2016) release, beta

  • new: 3rd-party launchers usage is disabled.
  • new: HDMI-CEC support.
  • new: Protection from installing firmware to unsupported device.
  • fix: Firmware size optimization.

3.8.6 (21.06.2016)

  • new: Wi-Fi support for v.412.
  • new: Added new Content source “Middleware API” based on open Middleware API protocol.
  • new: Added “Auto StandBy” feature to power off device after inactivity.
  • new: Subtitles support (SubRip, SSA/ASS, DVDSub, DVBSub, Teletext).
  • new: Full support H.265/HEVC codec.
  • new: Overscan setup for Android apps.
  • new: Kodi updated.
  • new: Application market added.
  • new: Smoother UI animation.
  • new: Virtual keyboard hotkeys (red, green, yellow).
  • new: Resume video in mediaplayer after Stand By.
  • new: Added Bulgarian language and Sofia timezone.
  • new: Added Italian language.
  • new: Added German virtual keyboard.
  • new: Changed .info file format that is used for firmware updates.
  • new: USA timezones were added.
  • new: Improvements in HLS client.
  • new: Changed factory reset method.
  • fix: Improved stability.

3.7.0 (21.10.2015)

  • fix: added date and time settings to Android Preferences
  • fix: static network configuration.
  • fix: time configuration in system settings.
  • fix: improved performance and stability.

3.6.8 (21.09.2015)

  • new: Kodi updated
  • new: Android's on-screen keyboard update.
  • fix: not working sound in 3rd-party Android apps.
  • fix: default timezone.
  • fix: improved stability.

3.6.1 (17.08.2015)

  • new: Initial beta Android release.
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