TVIP Application Release Notes for S-Box v.6xx based on Android OS

5.0.60 (07.11.2022) release, beta

  • new: Added gapless Pause function for Mira Streamer
  • new: Support for SystemURI in VoD.
  • fix: Default aspect ration is now “Original”.
  • fix: Fixed possibility to make empty SSID for router mode.
  • fix: System clock would not display incorrect time.
  • fix: Number buttons are now blocked in archive.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect image aspect ratio in VoD content listing.
  • fix: Possiblity to turn off WiFi from settings.

5.0.54 (24.08.2022)

  • new: Support for next gen TVIP BT remote.
  • new: Added Spanish translation.
  • fix: Improved WiFi support.
  • fix: Correct Android overscan setup.

5.0.49 (28.03.2022)

  • new: User-defined reordering of Web-apps on home screen with Menu button.
  • new: Support fpr next gen TVIP IR remote.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect setup of display mode in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed delays in JsonAPI access in Search and VoD.
  • fix: Various fixes in VoD app.
  • fix: Updated SSL ceritificates.
  • fix: Improved HTTPS connection speed in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect setup of default audio/subtitle language in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect detection of MPEGTS file duration in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed issues with HTTP/HTTPS redirects in HLS.
  • fix: Improved display of device classes in account device list screen in JSON API.
  • fix: Fixed lower volume in system app.
  • fix: Fixes for external WiFi support.

5.0.39 (15.09.2021)

  • new: Added possibility to filter separate sections of provisioning file, depending on device model.
  • new: Added support for external USB WiFi adapters on RTL8188eu, RTL8811au, RTL8811cu.
  • new: Updated TVIP App Store.
  • new: Setup of Router Mode in Tvip Settings.
  • new: Extended support of USB game controllers.
  • fix: Fixed async of audio/video in some damaged MPEGTS streams.
  • fix: More stable playback of damaged audio tracks.
  • fix: Fixed external subtitles playback.
  • fix: Fixes in HLSv4.
  • fix: Updated Polish and Swedish translations.
  • fix: Video app added to Security settings.

5.0.30 (15.05.2021)

  • new: Selected TV channel group is kept the same, after switching channel with number, if next channel is in the same group.
  • new: App store is now launched in Wizard to installed pre-provisioned apps.
  • new: Override of icons and titles of apps in Home screen over provisioning.
  • new: Android Middleware settings now contain selection of TV app from the list and autostart flag.
  • fix: Fixed system overscan setup.
  • fix: Greatly improved stability of playback of H.264 streams with distortions/errors.
  • fix: Fixed issue with subtitles in MPEGTS.
  • fix: Fixed DNS display in settings.
  • fix: Fixed RC search button operation.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect display of Wi-Fi network list in some cases.

5.0.25 (20.03.2021)

  • new: Valid SSL certificates are now required for TV protocols and provisioning access.
  • new: Added EPG from MPEGTS extraction feature for M3U protocol.
  • new: Improved archive resume logic after return from another app.
  • new: Added Bluetooth RC firmware update feature.
  • fix: HLSv4 client was optimized.
  • fix: Fixed playback of MJPEG streams.
  • fix: Fixed playback of APE audio.
  • fix: Improved images display logic in mediaplayer.
  • fix: Improved Watch TV app performance when playlist has very large number of channels.
  • fix: French localization was fixed, Swedish localization was improved.
  • fix: Some HLS related fixes.
  • fix: Fixed system time setup with Middleware API over HTTPS.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect playback of some MPEGTS streams in “ffmpeg” mode.
  • fix: Improve MPEG-DASH and HLS fMP4 support.
  • fix: Fixed issue with some AAC streams.
  • fix: Fixed issue when home screen background image was constantly reloaded.
  • fix: Fixed decoding of CMYK/YCCK JPEG images.
  • fix: Fixed crash with DTS pass-through.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect archive position in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed hiding of some preferences over provisioning.

4.4.1 (20.05.2020)

  • Initial firmware
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