TVIP Application Release Notes for S-Box v.7xx based on Android OS

5.1.37 (27.05.2024) beta, release

  • new: New WebVTT subtitle design in Watch TV.
  • new: Display of animation during radio channels playback in Watch TV.
  • new: HDMI status was added to player json stats.
  • fix: Updated Youtube app.
  • fix: Fixed seeking issue with some HEVC videos.
  • fix: Fixed playback of some H.264 streams.
  • fix: Updated PPPoE client.

5.1.35 (26.04.2024)

  • fix: Improved TMS Websocket stability.
  • fix: Fixed issue during wake up from sleep mode.
  • fix: Fixed issue with playback of some MPEG2 streams.
  • fix: Fixed audio permissions request not displayed in some apps.
  • fix: Fixed issue when connected USB storages were not displayed in mediaplayer.

5.1.33 (15.04.2024)

  • new: Added option for BT remote pairing by pressing button on the bottom of STB.
  • fix: Updated timezones database.
  • fix: Fixed Youtube video freezing during quality switching in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed video playback in some third-party web browser apps.
  • fix: Improved support for WebVTT subtitles.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect HLS playback in Chromium in some cases.
  • fix: More correct Stanby mode entarance and exit from Web-portals.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect operation of Web-portals in Stanby mode in some cases.

5.1.31 (26.02.2024)

  • new: Chromium (system WebView) has been updated to version 122 with HLS playback optimization.
  • new: Support for gapless pause feature for Mira Streamer in HLSv4 mode.
  • fix: Fixed an issue with Widevine content playback in Watch TV app.
  • fix: Improvements in voice input functionality.
  • fix: Fixes in localization for Hebrew.
  • fix: Fixed playback error when changing the number of audio channels on the fly in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed playback error with some AAC-ADTS audio streams.
  • fix: Fixes in gSTB API.
  • fix: Fixed device freeze when exiting sleep mode in some cases.
  • fix: Memory usage and OS loading speed optimization.
  • fix: Updated SSL certificates.
  • fix: Improved logic of BT remote pairing.

5.1.28 (10.01.2024)

  • new: Support for remote controls with voice input (BT-V) in system UI and web-portals (blink, tvip, gstb).
  • new: Added polish keyboard layout.
  • new: Added new URL scheme rtsptcp:// for media player.
  • fix: “Middleware API” setting renamed to “TVIP TMS”.
  • fix: Fixed navigation in VoD after search is used.
  • fix: Fixes in german keyboard layout.
  • fix: Fixes in parental control logic.
  • fix: Fixed issue, when some Android apps could not be set as Watch TV app.
  • fix: Fixed web portal was not loaded in some cases with unstable network connection.
  • fix: Improved performance of subtitle rendering.

5.1.26 (19.10.2023)

  • new: HDMI-CEC name setup over provisioning.
  • new: Access to Bluetooth Accessories system settings.
  • new: Added Hebrew translation.
  • fix: Fixed issues with Web portals.

5.1.25 (26.09.2023)

  • new: Added support for Widevine L3 for Watch TV app.
  • fix: Fixed LocalStorage in Webkit.
  • fix: Correct display of device model and fw version in Linux container and TR-069.
  • fix: Optimization of Linux container.

5.1.23 (16.08.2023)

  • new: Updated Webkit for tvip/gstb/html5 API to support later HTML/CSS/JS standards.
  • new: Added PPPoE support.
  • fix: Fixed black screen after boot in some cases.
  • fix: Improved boot performance for some models.
  • fix: Fixed frame rate adaptation for Youtube.
  • fix: Set “Combined” mode, if provisioning defined “Whole system” mode.
  • fix: Auto close of next gen remote helper window in web portals.

5.1.22 (12.07.2023)

  • new: Setup of display mode over provisioning.
  • new: Auto framerate feature now works with Youtube.
  • new: Added BISS encryption support.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect switching of audio tracks in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed blocked network in main app during sleep.
  • fix: Fixed TR-069 connection.
  • fix: Fixed setup of incorrect HDMI mode in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed playback of some incorreect MPEGTS streams.
  • fix: Improved stability of HLSv4 playback.

5.1.19 (02.05.2023)

  • new: New provisioning options: menu_as_home and back_as_recall.
  • new: Added support for DHCP+Manual DNS network configuration.
  • new: Added support for image playback by system mediaplayer.
  • new: Added support for high quality image playback (up to 2160p) in mediaplayer.
  • fix: Improvements for HLSv4 playback.
  • fix: Fixes in VoD app.
  • fix: Fixed possibility to disabled Timeshift feature for Web-portals.
  • fix: Fixed video freezing while playing some MPEGTS streams.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect playback of MPEGTS/HLS after paused.
  • fix: Fixed detection of Default route in JS API.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect aspect ratio for MPEG2 video.
  • fix: Fixed disappear of UI after Sleep in some cases.

5.1.18 (01.03.2023)

  • new: Added second gen. BT remote firmware update function.
  • fix: Improved stability and smoothness of TV playback during long uptime.
  • fix: Fixed subtitles playback in mediaplayer.
  • fix: Improved HLSv4 playback.
  • fix: Improved issues with SMB folders with incorrect rights access.
  • fix: Fixed issue with sudden reboots during playback of some TV streams.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect timezone in TVIP and gSTB APIs.
  • fix: Fixed playback of some radio streams over HLS.
  • fix: Fixed RTL text support.
  • fix: Improved Polish translation.

5.1.15 (28.12.2022)

  • new: WPA3 support for internal WiFi.
  • new: Added framerate adaptation feature (for TV and Mediaplayer).
  • fix: Reduced failover timeout for HLS v2 streaming.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect playback of AC3 in Chromium.
  • fix: Improved stability of video playback in Chromium.
  • fix: Fixes for router mode.
  • fix: Fixed issues with Chromium apps after sleep.
  • fix: Fixed issues with first gen. BT remotes.
  • fix: Fixed issues with some MPEG2 streams.
  • fix: Fixed issue with non-synchromized MPEGTS streams over HTTP.
  • fix: Small fixes in TV UI.
  • fix: Improved CEC sleep sync logic.
  • fix: Fixed sending web portal logs to logcat.

5.1.13 (30.11.2022)

  • new: Added DLNA support.
  • new: Added detection of update and provision servers over DHCP options.
  • fix: Increased size of authentication QR-code for JSON API Middleware.
  • fix: Improved support for display modes and HDR on various TV models.
  • fix: Fixed freezing of H.264 decoder during video resolution switching in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed operation of “mouse/keybord” remote button in web portals.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect audio track switching for some video files.
  • fix: Updated system decoders.
  • fix: Improved operation of Router mode in 5GHz.
  • fix: Fixed jump of volume level just after waking from sleep.
  • fix: Fixed crash of UI Theme change in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed slow OS boot on v.710.
  • fix: Various memory optimizations in OS.

5.1.10 (31.10.2022)

  • new: Option to disable HTML page loading animation for Webkit portals over provisioning.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect Webkit portals behaviour after Stanby mode or exiting from third-party Android apps.
  • fix: Fixed spontanious resuming from pause in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed unstable playback after audio track change.
  • fix: Fixed reboot over provisioning feature.
  • fix: Fixed operation of SD-cards of some brands.
  • fix: PCM is now default audio mode after factory reset.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect playback of AC3 streams in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed volume changes during channel switching.
  • fix: Fixed end of media file is not detected in some cases.
  • fix: Fixed operation of Webkit portals for non-default UI resolutions.
  • fix: Fixed problem with AV output after Stanby.
  • fix: Fixed operation of discontinuity counter.
  • fix: Memory usage optimization.

5.1.8 (04.10.2022)

  • new: Added gapless Pause function for Mira Streamer
  • fix: Fixed incorrect image aspect ratio in VoD content listing.
  • fix: Possiblity to turn off WiFi from settings.
  • fix: Fixed background updated in sleep mode.
  • fix: Fixed syslog remote sending.
  • fix: Fixed install of big APK files in App Store.
  • fix: Fixed UI artifacts after fast return from third-party apps.

5.1.7 (05.09.2022)

  • new: Error message is now displayed when incorrect WiFi password is set.
  • new: CTV mode was added.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect video aspect ration in some cases.
  • fix: “Adaptive HDR” display mode is used by default.

5.1.6 (01.09.2022)

  • fix: Improved playback of MPEGTS streams with errors.
  • fix: Fixed issue with Ethernet connection detection in Setup screen.
  • fix: Fixed issue with disabled WiFi in some cases.

5.1.5 (26.08.2022)

  • new: Added function for detection of new TVIP RC for JS API.
  • new: Added VNC support.
  • new: Added support for SystemURI in VoD.
  • fix: Updated App Store.
  • fix: Fixed issues with Router mode.
  • fix: Default aspect ration is now “Original”.
  • fix: Fixed incorrect double launch of Chromium apps.
  • fix: Improved playback of damaged MPEGTS streams.
  • fix: Fixed playback of audio-only and video-only MPEGTS streams.
  • fix: Improved audio pass-through support.
  • fix: Various fixes and improvements.

5.1.2 (18.07.2022)

  • Initial firmware
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