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Web portal (HTML/Javascript)

TVIP Mediacenters running “Linux-Qt” firmwares support Web-applications (portals) with JavaScript API “Tvip”, GSTB(“Mag”) (Webkit engine) and Blink/Chromium engine (from fw. 5.0.x).

There are three ways to run Web-portal:

  • TV only: Web-application replaces TVIP TV application in main menu. Other TVIP applications like Mediaplayer and CCTV remain in places. Volume and StandBy is controlled by STB OS. “Home” button always launches TVIP home screen.
  • Whole system: Web portal (for ex. Stalker Middleware) replaces TVIP UI (except Settings). MediaPlayer and DVR features should be provided by the portal. Volume and StandBy is controlled by Web-portal. “Home” button is controlled by web-portal.
  • Combined: works like Whole system by default (after boot). If “Home” button is pressed for several seconds, TVIP home screen is launched and web-portal is terminated. In this mode all TVIP apps are available (except Watch TV). Portal is reloaded after “Watch TV” app is launched. Volume and Stanby are controlled by web-portal if it is active. Othewise they are controlled by STB OS.

:!: Combined mode is available in firmwares 4.0.23 or newer.

JavaScript API.
Chromium engine.

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