How to update or recover TVIP mediacenter OTA-based firmware

Download firmware for s500/s4xx:

And for s501/s110/s530/s525/s6xx/s7xxa

Here, model is Mediacenter model, like s410; os is OS type (android or linux-qt).

Update or recover firmware using Recovery system

There are various ways to enter Recovery system:

  • From Android OS use adb tool.
  • Power off mediacenter, then power it on and press Del on IR remote several times.
  • For s7xx models, push button inside of hole on back side of the box before power on box and keep it 10 seconds after power on.

You need to write file tvip_firmware.ota.zip to SD-card or USB flash drive to update firmware using Recovery system.

For models s6хх, s5хх, s4хx
For models s7xx

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