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TVIP TMS Changelog



TVIP API: Fixed the rare issue when some TVIP API clients may not receive list of channels, nevertheless all necessary settings have been made and TVIP API clients have been authenticated and authorized successfully.

Well-known issues

TVIP API: After installing the last release, some TVIP TMS instances may have issues, mainly, in operation of TVIP API clients with TVIP TMS via Web Sockets due to instability and unexpected unavailability of related services of TVIP TMS platform. This hot fix update will solve this issue.


Important notes

Please pay attention that the 'Media rules' feature is still experimental and may contain some unknown issues.

New features

Media rules (experimental): We've released support of dynamic channel live and timeshift URL's. These URL's may be generated based on media rules and actions. Now you may specify how to generate channel URL for some groups of your TVIP TMS client devices. These groups may be organized by using parameters of media rules (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/media_rule_sorting). As a result, now you have two options how to setup channel URL's:

  • static configuration by using channel edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels/<channel_id>) and DVR server edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/dvr_servers/<dvr_server_id>). It's used by default and provide backward compatibility with your current channel settings
  • and dynamic configuration that may be specified using 'Media rules' section in Admin UI and 'Media Items' tab in channel edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels/<channel_id>). Please, pay attention that the dynamic URL configuration will be used only if static configuration (mainly, empty 'URL' field in channel edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels/<channel_id>).

Rules of generating the channel media URL's may be specified in flexible manner and allow to use some template fields (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/media_patterns/<media_pattern_id>). Also we've provided some predefined patterns that may be used 'as is' or as example for your own pattern.


General: We've updated the framework and related libraries to fetch all up-to-date performance and security updates. Some libraries that have serious vulnerabilities have been removed or replaced with good ones.

General: In some cases TVIP TMS may have issues when connecting the event broker server (RabbitMQ in the current release). We've made some optimizations that reduce load to the event broker, as well as increase stability in connecting and reconnecting the server.

General: Default logging settings have been changed. Now 'application.log' file will contain no other log messages, but only TVIP TMS related errors from the particular service. It may help in researching the accidents with TVIP TMS.

Profile: Fixed the issue when number of account profiles may affect TVIP TMS instance performance due to its large quantity.

Well-known issues

Media rules: This issue relates to use cases with tariffs that have no 'Archive' tariff settings only. This use case means that timeshift is not allowed for TVIP API clients that are assigned to such tariffs.

Please pay attention that in case of using the dynamic channel URL configurations TVIP API clients with these tariffs will be able to still use timeshift regardless of absence of 'Archive' tariff settings. We'll fix this issue in next releases.



General: Some changes have been applied to correct the TVIP TMS logging.

General: Fixed the issue that some provider and account statistics may not be stored due to database storing limitations.

Admin UI: Fixed the issue that channel may not be removed using Admin UI. Please, pay attenation that deleting the channel leads to delete all the related data like EPG items.

Admin UI: Fixed the issue when the device edit form shows empty IP address if device connected without auth and provider «Allow to create new device upon request» option is enabled.


General: Default data for new TVIP TMS installations now contain default network for default provider.

File: Some changes have been applied to reduce possible memory leaks.


EPG: Fixed the issue when EPG import may be failed in some cases if EPG localizations are used.

EPG: Fixed the issue when DVR server URIs with composite path may cause a failure of DVR preview feature.



Admin UI: Fixed the issue when audit records do not contain the correct name of admin who performed the action. Now audit records show the correct name.

Admin UI: Some deprecated table columns have been removed and translations of some field names have been fixed.

Admin UI: Fixed the issue when fixed EPG images may not be displayed in Admin UI in some cases.

Admin UI: VOD genre localizations may dissapear in some changing scenerios. Now it's fixed and genre localizations will be displayed correctly.

Admin UI: Incorrect validation has been fixed when creating any deffered command and specifying the post after and valid until date times.

Account networks: Fixed the issue when access networks may be fetched or changed by admin that has no right for this action.

Admin UI: Now all audit records are being fixed in UTC and disaplyed correctly. Anyway, older audit records may show incorrect datetime of the action.

EPG: Fixed the issue when single EPG item localizations may be displayed in wrong language in some specific cases.

TVIP API: Fixed the issue when TVIP API clients may get access to the channel archive even if their tariff has no Archive option in tariff settings. Now TVIP API clients with tariffs with no Archive option will be able to watch TV in real time only.

Provider API: Prior to this release admins of local providers may receive channels that are not assigned to the particular provider. Now it's fixed.

General: Fixed the issue when no command may be planned for delivery in case of changing the account or device subscription date times.


General: Some new restrictions have been applied for creating the new account and device subscriptions. If any subscription with the same tariff exists and effective time periods of new subscription and the existing one are overlapped, creating the such subscription will be declined with error. This behaviour is valid for Admin UI as well as for Provider API integrations.

EPG: Short EPG feature has been improved. Now it's calculated in a dynamic manner and depends on datetimfes of current EPG items in the channels being requested. It's especially important fix for EPG that contain short-timed items with a few minutes in duration.

TVIP API: We noticed that changing the channels or subscriptions may cause excessive CPU load. Some optimizations have been applied to remove this effect.


New features:

The current update contains a new TVIP API client application - new web-based TV player. It supports new features, which your TVIP TMS provides and are supported on other TVIP API client devices.

To install the new TV web player, use

apt install tms-web-player
systemctl enable tms-web-player
systemctl start tms-web-player

The player will be available in browser by address <tms_main_domain>/web-player

New TVIP web player is available for TVIP TMS Pro instances. The previous version of web TV player has been deprecated and its support period has been completed.


EPG: Fixed the issue for TVIP TMS instances that have a custom setup for default EPG locale. Prior to the current update, such instances might provide EPG that contains some elements in incorrect language. Now applying the locales to EPG items has been reworked and this issue has been solved.



Provider API: Validation for account/device subscriptions has been extended. Since this release it will be impossible to create or update any subscription, if any subscription exists that have the same tariff assigned and active time period (between start and end datetimes or with start datetime only) overlapped in time.

Account networks: Fixed the issue when the client device may not be authorized after changing or removing the account network that has been specified for the device's account. This issue is related to «Account network» client access mode only.


Important notes

This TVIP TMS 4.0 release presents new LTS version of TVIP TMS. The new version is based on 3.x last version and contains all features that the previous version has. The main technical goal of TVIP TMS is migration to Spring 6.x framework and seamless support of new future Java versions.

We have redesigned the way how TVIP API clients may be authorized. Generally, now the only thing required to setup authorization mode is to select the approprite one. You may find more details below.

Also we add a new authorization mode to existing ones - Account Networks. It allows TVIP API clients to authorize in the same way as Provider Networks allow to define the provider for any client device by IP.

'VOD from EPG' feature that was presented as experimental in the previous release has been carefully improved in order to get better reliability and performance.

Well-known issues

We recommended to install the current release during low-load time period, when the user activity is relatively low. Especially, it's important for TVIP TMS installations that use EPG with images or large number of channels.

Once TVIP TMS release will be updated, some channel logos, EPG items and EPG images may disapper for some time.

To solve the EPG related issues, we recommend to re-import EPG sources one by one. Channel related issues will be solved by TVIP TMS itself without any special actions.

New features

General: Account provider will be used instead of device provider in all cases, if available.

General: Quick bind and strong security feature has been extended. Now you may setup networks for account in the same manner as for provider. This allows to select account for device depending on what network the device is. This operation mode may be selected on edit provider form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/providers/).

General : Performance issues have been solved for TVIP API clients that may appear sometimes due to overall high volume.

Admin UI: Edit provider form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/providers/) has been improved. Operation mode selection has replaced few check boxes such as 'Quick bind' and 'String security'. The selection has been added with a new option - 'Account network'. Previous settings will be migrated automatically, so TVIP API clients operation remains the same as it was setup before.


We've analysed how TVIP TMS operates under high load and 've fixed current performance bottlenecks.



Fixed the issue when TVIP API client may receive empty list of channels for some time if authorized by QR code.


Warning: Prior to installing the current release, you need to check what version your Postgres database. Please, pay attention that Postgres database with version less 10.x must be updated due to end of any reasonable support. Prior to update, please, take into consideration that it may take some time, and your TVIP TMS instance will be inaccesible during this time.

Warning: In order to improve search performance of TVIP API client, ElasticSearch must be updated. The currently recommended version is 8.6.0. After the updating, you'll need to remove all data previously stored in your ElasticSearch. The upgraded ElasticSearch will be filled automatically.

New features

:!: Experimental VOD from EPG TV archive: It's a new feature for TVIP TMS platform. We're working on making it more useful and featured, and for now it may contain some issues. Feel free to report if any found. The idea is to allow TVIP API clients to view TV archive in a more comfortable way. To use this feature, you need to be allowed to catch up movies and series for some time period.

To enable the feature, you need to switch on «Enabled for VOD» option on the epg source edir form(<server.url>/admin/dashboard/epg_sources/) and channel edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels/). After that your TV archive for such channel will be imported after the next EPG source import procedure. To make VOD from EPG looks good, your EPG service provider must provide EPG containing the details about what IMDB id this series or movie has.

As a result, channel's catchup EPG will be displayed in the same manner as any other movie you added via Admin VOD UI or imported from TMDB.

One more extra option is available, you need to have an access to specific EPG service, TMDB metadata or any specially designed service. In this case TV displayed movies and series will be updated with some extended information and extra localizations, if any.

Two new VOD caterogies will appear - 'TV movies' and 'TV shows'. These categories will be updated dynamically as result of the EPG source import procedures.

How long the EPG VOD content remains active will depend on TV archive depth settings specified by the particular channel or DVR server.


Admin UI: Channel (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels/) has been extended with new field in Extra group - 'MPEG TS buffer'. It's purpose is to define amount of milliseconds for buffering.

Admin UI: Channel (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels/) has been extended with new field in Extra group - 'Channel selection priority'. It may allow to start view from the specific channel nevetheless of its numbering.

Search: Some important optimizations have been made. As a result, search response time has been significantly reduced.

TVIP API: Prior to the release commands delivery for TVIP API clients may be inoperable or cause peformance issues related to message broker operation. We've refactored the feature to remove such issues.


Auth: Fixed the issue when some devices may still receive the same content for some time even after the device has been detached from account.

General: Fixed the issue when the device first online datetime may be affected by TVIP TMS server timezone.

General: Fixed the issue when changes in tariff or channel may cause freeze in delivering the commands or messages to devices from TVIP TMS platform or between devices.

EPG: Fixed the issue when source channel name has been changed in EPG, but source channel ID remains the same.



General: We've applied some optimizations to reduce load on Postgres that may be caused by excessive obsolete data cleanup.


New features

Regional channel numbering: we continue to evolve Region (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/regions) feature in a few ways. Now we've added region support for channel numbering. Prior to the current release, you may have only one channels numbering grid. Now you may add extra channel numbering grids related to region and provider. Please, pay attention for general limitations: one provider may have only one regional channels numbering grid and only if any region assigned to the provider. Local administrator may add or edit channels numbering grid assigned with his provider only. Global administrator may edit any regional channels numbering grid and add any of them to any provider, but only one single grid to one provider. TVIP API clients do not require any special settings to support this feature. Channel numbering may be affected by provider region setup as well as account regions.


Provider API: Region tag assigned to the particular provider has been added to Provider.


Provider API: Fixed the error that appeared when tariffs have been requested with tariff tag specified.



General: This release will update TVIP TMS platform itself as well as related libraries and frameworks. So currently known vulnerabilities will be fixed and general performance will be improved. In addition to, we've made some changes to increase network performance between TVIP TMS services that reduce overall CPU and network loads.

Commands: We've fixed some issues that may cause delay or failure in delivering the commands to devices from Admin UI or via multi screen feature from TVIP API client devices. Also these changes will increase overall performance of TVIP TMS.

Stats API: Fixed the issue when some of Live views may be considered as DVR view.

TVIP API: Fixed the issued when device last online timestamp may be affected by TVIP TMS server timezone.

VOD: To find out what locales must be used for displaying the VOD content, partial match by language now will be considered if no exact match.



General: As it was noticed, some of TVIP TMS services consume more RAM and CPU than other ones. We've made some changes to make TVIP TMS platform more load balanced. Mainly it will reduce load from background tasks in TVIP API operations.



Stats API: TVIP TMS statistics has been changed in accuracy in minutes.

Stats API: Global admin now may specify which provider statistics must be fetched. If no provider specified, statistics will be fetched for all providers.


File API: Upload size limit has been increased for images up to 2 Mb. This relates to images that may be used as channel logo and others as well as TVIP API user profile images.


New features

General: New cleanup procedures have been added to take volume of EPG and statistics under control. Now obsolete or failed of these data will be deleted up on the regular basis.


General: Important changes have been made to fix problems when excessive commands delivery may affect other TVIP TMS platform features.

Stats API: Fixed the issue when TVIP TMS statistics may contain values that exceed the actual ones. Now TVIP TMS data will be much more accurate. We'll add some more features in the next releases to provide maximum accuracy in statistics.

Stats API: Fixed the issue when some clients may not receive statistics at all.

Stats API: Swagger HTTP endpoint has been changed and now it looks similar to Swagger for Provider API.

VOD: Fixed the issue when new VOD genre cannot be added via Admin UI.


New features

CDN: It's a first step to integrate CDN algorithm into TVIP TMS - restricted access to CDN hosted video content being protected by secure link token procedure. To use it, select the secure link token generation algorithm in provider edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/providers/) of Admin UI.

Stats API: New Stats API has been implemented to extend ability of fetching the statistics for analysis. For now, this API provides information on anonymous channels view telemetry related to unique sets of tariffs and other options.


General: TVIP TMS platform has been updated with new version of libraries and frameworks to eliminate vulnerabilities that are known by now.

Provider API: Now you may get a localized dictionary of all favorites. Also the channels resource has been extended with list of favorites assigned with the particular channel.

Billing API: User language is taken into account, when displaying the data for TVIP API clients.

TVIP API: Sometimes TVIP API clients might be affected by issue when client session credentials had been updated by TVIP TMS, but the client has not receive these new ones. Now it's fixed, and TVIP TMS may consider credentials being previously assigned if they are still valid. This new behaviour is not default one and to use it, you need to enable it for your provider via Admin UI ('Authorized by smart token' feature on provider edit form - <server.url>/admin/dashboard/providers/).


Search: Fixed the issue when search results may contain references to TV content even if the TV channel that provides this content is disabled, e.g., via Admin UI.



TVIP API: the issue when no secure token has being applied, when preview feature enabled for the channel.



TVIP API: Fixed the issue when no secure token has being applied to time shift URL of the channel, if Flussonic auth enabled for this channel and TVIP API client device provider and time shift enabled for the channel.

Release 05.07.2022

Before applying this release we strongly recommend to update your servers with Java 17 from official Ubuntu repositories.

For install a new version of Java using the commands:

apt update && apt install openjdk-17-jre

After previuos command executed with success. You can use the command for update TMS:

apt update && apt upgrade

Important notes

Main purpose of this release is to move towards the next Java LTS version - 17. This will allow us to lay a solid foundation for further development of TVIP TMS platform, get better performance and apply some important optimizations. For now, Java 17 may be not a default Java version for Ubuntu distributions. Before applying this release we strongly recommend to update your servers with Java 17 from official Ubuntu repositories. Please, pay attention that services starting from 3.9.x version may be run only with Java 17. Previous versions of TVIP TMS like 3.8.x may still work with Java 17 installed, but they won't provide substantial benefits of it. Since 17 version Oracle has changed the license agreement and you may use Oracle JDK in your production for free. Anyway, we recommend you to still use OpenJDK or any other free JDK that passed JCK.

New features

Billing API: Since this release TVIP TMS may provide integration of TVIP API clients with your billing. To make this works, you'll need to use TVIP API client that supports this feature. In addition to it, you'll need to enable this feature for TVIP TMS platform by using the application config and for our provider assigned on the platform b yusing provider edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/providers/) in Admin UI.

TVIP API: Prior to this release, TVIP TMS used channel logo as replacement for EPG image as default mode. Now this behavior may be switched off via Admin UI by using provider edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/providers/).

Video-On-Demand: VOD import from TMDB has been improved. Now it will automatically add a URI reference for trailer or any other free video for content being imported from TMDB if any.

EPG: Now you may enable that fake epg items - one for hour - have been generated. This can be done if no EPG is provided for the channel or it has no EPG at all because of it's nature (e.g., CCTV streaming). To do it, you must have no EPG source assigned on the channel and use Admin UI to enable 'Fake EPG enabled' on channel edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels/). If feature to use channel logo (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/providers/) or static images ('EPG images' tab on channel edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels/)) as EPG image, this allows to generate automatic EPG that looks better than only auto-generated text.


General: Account has been extended with 'created' and 'last updated' timestamps. 'last updated' property will show when account properties have been changed for the last time. Previously created or updated accounts won't be affected.

General: Device type and device class have been simplified by removing some properties that had been recently deprecated in order to increase the performance of Admin UI and Provider API.

Video-On-Demand: Limit of 30 VOD items has been removed. EPG: Feature to use channel logo as EPG images may be switched off for any specific provider by disabling 'Use channel logo if EPG doesn't have any image' (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/providers/).


General: Some changes have been applied to optimize file image processing. This will reduce CPU and Disk usage for TVIP TMS installations that provide EPG item images for TVIP API clients.

EPG: Fixed the issue when the entire EPG source is being checked even in case if fast and indexed EPG source with 'EPG Service' type is used. Now such EPG sources will be checked only for TV channels that are actually assigned. This will allow to make fast EPG checks and EPG import for TV channels where EPG may often being changed.

EPG: Previously you might notice that EPG import does not start even if it looks ready for launch. Now it works as it should, and EPG source may be imported, if no EPG source import started. If the EPG source import has been started by scheduler or manually under no-force mode, it may be re-run again immediately by choosing 'Force import'.

EPG: EPG import procedure also can be cancelled by 'Stop import' action in Admin UI v nevertheless forced or not.(<server.url>/admin/dashboard/epg_sources).

General: Fixed the issue when TVIP TMS services tried to reach the database placed on the same server by using IPv6.

Admin UI: Fixed the problem with 'last_online' property when timezone applied to it in a bad way.

Provider API: Channels fetch request has been fixed, so 'limit' parameter that equals to zero works as it should.


Important notes

Security: Applied the security fix to eliminate Apache Log4j2 Zero-Day Exploit (CVE-2021-44228).

New features

TVIP API: New command gateway service has been released. This will improve high volume stability for TVIP TMS operation for TVIP API clients.

Search: Now search feature allows to find any VoD related items such as movie or series Please, pay attention that newly added movie or series will appear as search result not right after it has been added via Admin UI VoD editor, it will take about 30-40 minutes.

Localization: Search procedure has been extended with localization support while searching EPG items or VoD elements.


General: this update will reduce usage of RabbitMQ internal resources and apply the control procedures on them. So the overall performance and stability of TVIP TMS will increase.

Admin UI: Management page has been updated with features' info You may use this page to be sure if TVIP TMS features are enabled or disabled. These settings cannot be changed here. To enable or disable any particular feature, you need to update application.yml file as described in «How to enable» for VoD and search features.

Admin UI: Way to edit tariff settings (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/tariffs/) has been improved. Now you may set one of four options for any tariff instead of two as it was before. These options allow you to allow or prohibit the tariff for any provider or for all of them.

Search: Shall any term be searched, now channels have higher priority relative to any EPG items.

EPG: EPG import procedure has updated to become correct and stable. In some circumstances it may take a bit more time than before to see EPG changes on TVIP API clients after EPG source data changes have been detected.

EPG: EPG source (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/epg_sources/) has been extended with a new feature - «Image import mode». It allows to select how to use EPG item images from your provider. You may use first or any of EPG screenhots or disable it, if you don't need pictures on EPG items from your EPG provider.

TVIP API: Free channels from the provider may be delivered to the client device even if the device is connected to another provider network with roaming disabled.

TVIP API: The excessive load has been removed from TVIP TMS platform that has been appeared in some circumstances as list of available channels has been changed.

Admin UI: VOD editor has been improved. Some visual bugs have been and fixed, and now you may add more than one image to the VOD content.


Provider API: Fixed the issue when list of channels has been unavailable in some circumstances.

TVIP API: Fixed the issue when TVIP API client may receive no channels or incorrect channels when free tariff has been set for their provider.

TVIP API: Fixed the issue when any TVIP API client may not receive list of available public providers due to provider logo may be not fetched because of TVIP TMS internal errors.

TVIP API: Fixed the issue when any device may not be authorized via quick bind authorization procedure, if it has been already recognized as device that is allowed to use free tariff from specific provider.

TVIP API: Sometimes any client device may not receive some channels from TVIP TMS, if no regional channel tags or tariff settings are assigned to the tariffs from its subscriptions. Now it works as it should.

TVIP API: Fixed the issue when device may receive incorrect server error when the device is being unregistered.

TVIP API DRM: Fixed the issue when Flussonic may receive incorrect error code, if Flussonic auth token is incorrectly formatted.


EPG: Fixed the issue when TVIP API clients may not receive EPG for any channel.



EPG: Fixed the issue when TVIP API clients may not receive commands that EPG has been changed.

EPG: Some EPG providers may deliver EPG items with date times that have no timezone. Now such EPG items will be imported correctly.



EPG: Fixed the issue when EPG item description is absent. To apply this patch, you need to click Refresh icon button next to EPG source channel field on channel edit form in Admin UI or run EPG source import procedure (force import is not necessary).



EPG: Fixed the issue when EPG items may not match with actual channel video content. This problem is especially important for TVIP TMS installations, where different time zones are used in EPG processing. To fix the issue, you need to make force import of EPG sources that are assigned to channels with wrong EPG. Anyway, the fix will be applied when next EPG change is detected for channel EPG's.



EPG: We've noticed that EPG import may cause some CPU overhead, especially, for large number of EPG sources specified in TVIP TMS. As a result, TVIP TMS clients may not to show EPG on some channels. The update will fix this problem.


Please, be aware that this release contains a lot of features and improvements that will greatly extend TVIP TMS usage experience. Due to a large amount of changes we have spent a lot of time to check and analyze any possible issues carefully. Anyway, so major changes may cause unexpected problems, so we recommend to update your TVIP TMS instance during low load time period.

Please, pay attention that updated TVIP TMS File manager service will require extra database-specific application properties, if your Postgresql database is placed on the server other then TVIP TMS.

You can find instructions for configure TVIP TMS File manager service by link

Should no EPG may be found on any channels after this update, please, run usual or forced EPG import on your EPG sources.

To enable VOD feature for your TVIP TMS instance, please, read the article.

New features

Localization: We added multi-language support in many components of TMS platform. To use these features, you need to add your locale in (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/locales). You may find more details herein on how this feature is related to various TMS components.

Admin UI: Now you may add translations of channel and category (previsouly, favorite) names using «Localization» tab of the appropriate channel or category edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels/ or <server.url>/admin/dashboard/favorites/).

EPG: If your EPG source provider gives multi-language EPG, TMS will import available EPG translations as a part of usual EPG import procedure. To enable this feature, you need to add the new general purpose locale in TMS platform (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/locales). Next import will export localized data, if the locale value entered in TMS has a fuzzy match with language tag attributes in EPG source file.

Video-On-Demand: We reworked Video-On-Demand (VOD) feature. Now it supports localization of movie or series. Also Admin UI contains new internal VOD editor to add or correct a movie or series metadata like VOD name, actors, crew, poster and so on (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/vod). Also you may sort genres (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/vod_genres_sorting) and categories (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/vod_categories_sorting) to correct order of their display on TVIP API clients.

Video-On-Demand: Both VOD genres (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/vod_genres) and VOD categories (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/vod_categories) have multi-language support, but with difference. VOD category translations must be added manually, but VOD genre translations may be added automatically as a part of VOD import procedure from TMDB. They may be added by yourself as well.

Video-On-Demand (experimental): Localization of VOD content is not related to general Localization feature. VOD localization has its own list of supported languages (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/vod_locales). After you add new locales to the list, these locales will be available as new translations in (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/vod/) as well as translations of VOD genres (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/vod_genres) and VOD categories (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/vod_categories). At the beginning, TMS has already had some VOD locales as default.

Search: If your TVIP API clients like STB, mobile, Smart TV or web application has a local search feature, now they will use server-related search. Search results will contain match results with channels and their EPG items, not only channels.

:!: Instructions for configurations Tvip TMS Search manager avalible by link

Provider API: In addition to basic authorization, you may use a new way to be authenticated and authorized similar as OAuth2 authorization and authentication do. You may find more details in our Provider API swagger documentation «auth-controller» section (<server.url>/provider/swagger-ui.html#/auth-controller).

Tariffs: We glad to present extension of one of basic TMS features - tariffs. In addition to flexible way of assigning with any provider (see more details below), we have added completely new feature - tariff settings. Using «Tariff settings» tab of the tariff detailed form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/tariffs/), now you may add or remove support of features like timeshift or VOD access. This will allow to make more specific tariffs for your customers. List of available options is relatively small for now, so if your have any specific needs or ideas on it, feel free to inform us via our technical support.


General: We've added some optimization procedures that control usage of hardware resources like hard disk drive space and memory usage. We're constantly working on reducing the TMS platform hardware load and requirements. Tariffs: We simplified the way how you may limit tariffs for any provider. Sometime ago we presented so called global tariffs that have no need to define provider explicitly (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/tariffs/). Now all tariffs has no such feature. To set provider-related limit on any tariff via Admin UI, you need to use list of providers and access mode (Allowed/Prohibited). Please pay attention that empty list of providers and Allowed mode means that no providers allowed to use this tariff, and vice versa: empty list of provider and Prohibited mode means that any provider has access to the tariff. A/B testing has showed that it a bit difficult logic, so we're making these settings easier to understand in the next releases.

Admin UI: UI sidebar has been reorganized for new features presented herein.

Provider API: We've made some performance optimizations.

Video-On-Demand: To add new VOD items, you may still use your TMDB account. Now it has multi-language support. To find out details how to use it in the current version, please, ask our technical support.

Admin UI: Account and CAS server entities has been extended with last online parameter. You may find it in the appropriate grids and detailed forms.

Admin UI: Right holder detailed form has been extended with «Channels» tab that contains list of channels assigned for the particular right holder. Also any right holder contract may have no end date.

TVIP API: Sometimes TVIP API client devices may show outdated list of other TVIP API client devives assigned with the same account. We've made some fixes for these cases and will continue to control any similar issues.

TVIP API (experimental): We added IPv6 support for provider network definitions. Now you may use IPv6 sub-network definitions, in addition to usual IPv4.

General: Logging updated and reduced.

General: Fixed the issue that shall TMS platform is under high load, account enabled state change may not change the response for TVIP API clients related to the account.

Audit: Sometimes ago we've presented audit feature to monitor what items have been changed and by whom. Now we have improved this feature and applied to more items of TMS platform like EPG sources. TVIP API: We've reduced the time response of TMS platform to TVIP API client responses on any changes in tariffs, channels, subscriptions via Admin UI or Provider API and also decreased the affect of these actions on the entire TMS platform.


TVIP API: In some circumstances free tariffs assigned to provider may not work properly. Now it's fixed and works faster then before.

EPG: Some of our clients reported that their users don't receive updated EPG after EPG import has been completed. We analysed their requests and made fixes in this release. Also we've made some fixes for multi-language EPG sources that solve issues on EPG import from such sources.

EPG: Fixed the problem when EPG item titles and descriptions may contain some words in various languages. If you EPG provider do not add the correct language attribute to its XML file, you may add the locale desired by youself to application properties of TVIP TMS EPG manager. Please, contact our technical support for details.

Activation: Spaces now are skipped if login contains any.

TVIP API: If your TMS instance works via non-standard port, you may see some issues with images and tv content delivery. Now the server port parameter will be taken into account in links, content paths, etc.

TVIP API: We have noticed that there are some issues when user profile settings are changed from various devices. We have prepared some fixes for it and will continue to monitor any related problems.

Admin UI: Grid columns now have auto resize feature. If the column looks bad after the column is set hidden and visible again, just refresh the grid.

Well-known issues

Video-On-Demand: if you used VOD as a part of TMS platform with version lower 3.2.x, you may already have some VOD metadata. Unfortunately, we do not provide back compatibility with these data, because they do no contain extended meta information that required for newly implemented VOD. If you need to migrate your VOD data, please, fell free to ask our technical support.

Video-On-Demand: any changes applied to VOD content won't be available for your customers immediately. It may take up to 5 minutes when your customers will see any changes in VOD categories, genres and contents. We're planning to improve this behavior in the following TVIP TMS platform releases.



General: Fixed the issue when EPG may not be loaded under specific circumstances.



General: Fixed the display of client device state in Admin UI. Now it shows correctly whether the client device operates via web sockets or not.

General: Fixed the display of client device IP address in Admin UI. Now it shows any IP changes correctly.

Admin UI: We've analyzed Admin UI group actions for data tables. Some of them had no sense, so we removed them not to confuse TVIP TMS administrators.

Admin UI: Some fixes have been applied for channels numbering. They solve some existing problems and also allow us to prepare further development of this feature.

Reports: Fixed the issue when provider reports may contain incorrect data about his customers on per month basis, especially if some actions like enable or delete have been executed within the specific month period.


General: We've put a lot of efforts to make TVIP TMS more reliable and robust. At the same time we changed some its' internals to achieve fast reaction on admin and user actions like user-related commands or actions in Admin UI. Also these internal changes allows us to reduce CPU usage, as well as memory consumption in a long run.

General: We have noticed that sometimes images and some other files may be delivered with delay. So some changes have been applied to fix this behavior. We will continue monitoring of these response times to control the issue.

Activation: We've reduced density of QR code used for quick authorization for better reading.

Admin UI: We continue to evolve our dashboard in Admin UI to provide you more precise and valuable information about your system and users in a comfortable manner. Some changes have been made, and some more will go. We hope you'll enjoy them as we are.

Admin UI: A lot of minor fixes have been made to give you opportunity to work in a more comfortable manner.

Provider API: Some changes have been applied to fix problems with commands management via Provider API and displaying the user statistics as a part of Provider portal.

Provider API: We've made some optimizations that will improve performance in your interaction with TVIP TMS via Provider API.

TVIP CAS server: We're updated the interaction of TVIP TMS platform and TVIP CAS server to get better performance and reduce overall impact on the both systems. Please, pay attention that only TVIP TMS platform modules with version higher then 3.8.x are able to work with new TVIP CAS server with version starting from 1.4.x and further.

TVIP API: We optimized some TVIP API methods like /channels.json to reduce its impact on the entire system and not to worse the performance for TVIP API clients.

New features

Audit (experimental): Sometimes you may feel lack of information on what, when, how the data was changes and by whom. Now you may find all necessary data in Admin by a few ways. First, it's a separate tab found on the any edit form. It contains audit data on the entity you're looking at. The second one - is the tab on admin edit form. It accumulates all actions this admin did. These data will be visible for other admins of the same provider (not other, if you use multi provider mode) and for any global admin. And third one - the separate tab in Management section with special filters that help you to find detailed history of any record.

VNC: Sometimes ago you may notice that VNC appears in Admin UI again. Now we glad to announce that we fixed the very last problems with this feature, so you may use it. Anyway, there are some clues how to make it work in complex network environments (specific NGINX settings and so on), so pay attention on our extra explanations about it.

Provider API: In one of the previous updates we presented Regions feature. Now you're may use them not only via Admin UI, but by using Provider API.

Admin UI: Now you may setup CAS configurations and TVIP CAS sever settings via Admin UI. We've added special «CAS» section in Admin UI (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/cas_config/). The section is especially useful if you're using TVIP CAS server and you need to use Widevine DRM.

Well-known issues

Admin UI: You may notice that some group actions like 'Enable«, «Disable» do not work as they should. We consider these actions as a very useful feature, so for now we fixed them for EPG sources and will fix the rest of them in the next releases.

General: Please, pay attention that since this version logging has been disabled by default. To enable it, we have provided an example file called log4j2-example.yml. If you replace contents of log4j2-prod.yml with this one, logging will be work as it was before.

General: Current default settings have been optimized for cases with up to 9k+ users online simultaneously. If you have about the same or more users, feel free to ask our support to get more suitable settings for your TVIP TMS.

11.11.2020 [beta]


General: Fixed the issue when any device may become unauthorized unexpectedly, even if no any user actions performed. After that, the user had to authorize again by himself his login and password. If quick bind authentication mode is used, provider's admin had to perform 'Update' action for particular user device via Admin UI.

23.09.2020 [beta]


EPG: Fixed the issue when some periodic operations related to EPG handling, mainly, import of EPG updates, may be failed and stop to perform after some time.

14.09.2020 [beta]


Provider API: Fixed the issue that search has returned no results if cyrillic letters are used in filter query param and when the some results are expected. Also we've fixed the similar issue with no search results when cyrillic letters are used in quick search field of Provider portal.

09.09.2020 [beta]


TVIP API: Fixed the issue when some commands have not been processed if web sockets are used for commands delivery.

TVIP API: Fixed the issue when VNC operation has not started, when web sockets operation is being used.


TVIP API: Web sockets operation has been improved. This also allows us to provide some more improvements in the next releases.

07.09.2020 [beta]


TVIP API: Fixed the issue when device count limitation works incorrectly in some case.

TVIP API: Now user info request will contain actual number of devices used.

TVIP API: If some channels are set to use Flussonic token-based authorization for channel content access, there was a problem to use preview and timeshift on such channels. Now it's fixed.

Activation: We fixed the security issue when authorization via activation may give opportunity to steal this authorization if no immediate login after login and password entered.

Activation: Fixed the issue when QR code changes on the TV screen too often and this had been made difficult to register using this QR code.

Admin UI: Export from any data grid has been fixed. Now it takes into account filters and grid row selections if any.

General: Fixed the registration of the last online timestamp when the client device has requested to TMS. List of devices online and offline will be displayed correctly, e.g. in mobile app.

General: Now Admin UI will show correct values of device related parameters like client IP address, operation system version and so on.

Admin UI: Fixed the issue when TMS run on the any custom port does not allow to upload images.

TVIP API: Fixed the problem with usage of free channels assigned to the provider. Now user will receive list of assigned free channels even he has no subscriptions or not allowed to get list of channels by some other reason.

Admin UI: Fixed the issue that public tariffs assigned to use allow or block list for some providers remain available or skipped in the corresponding manner.

General: Fixed the issue when reports may be absent at the start of accounting period.


Admin UI: We've updated the dashboard (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/general_statistics) once more. Now you may find some useful data about the entire system and your customer accounts, devices, subscriptions, etc. Also some hints with question mark have been added. It's not a final version, we're going to evolve this. If you'd like to see more specific data here, please, fell free to tell us.

Admin UI: Made some visual adaptive improvements to improve your user experience, especially for large displays.

Admin UI: Admin UI has been updated with some minor fixes like better time picker operation, extra hints on fields like time shift depth on channel edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels/), improved image upload widget and some more.

General: Prior to this release you had an option to upload only one logo for your provider. Now you may upload a few more logotypes on 'Logo' tab of provider edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/providers/) that will be used for different purposes.

TVIP API: Channel preview feature does not rely on device type settings anymore.

General: Integration with TVIP CAS has been improved.

General: Performance has been increased for Admin UI and Provider API. If you're expierincing problems with long time responses in Provider API, e.g. for channels or tariffs, now it's optimized and will work better.

Provider API: Fixed the issue when requesting the channel by id, 'logo' field contains image id only. Now it returns correct reference as URL.

VNC: Remote control of devices via Admin UI has been reworked and made available again. To do so, you may start VNC session for any particular device (only one at once) via Devices section (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/devices).

General: We've tuned amount of events must be logged in order to reduce system requirements in the next releases.

New features

TVIP API: Some TV clients that we support like web TV client, mobile app and STB, have been released or will be released soon with new feature - user profiles. This version of TMS platform fully supports this feature.

TVIP API: We considered that EPG must look best for your customers. So if you have no option to use EPG source with images per TV event, we provide a special feature - you may upload some (up to 4 per channel) images by yourself via channel edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels/). These images will be randomly used as TV event images if no such images in EPG source.

Admin API: Now you may create admin with read only rights or limit the existing one.

Well-known issues

Admin UI: Some group actions like «Enabled», «Disabled» and so on may cause an error appeared with message that the action is not allowed. Sometimes this message may be inaccurate. To change the setting, you may use edit form by clicking the corresponding row of grid, change, e.g., «Active» or «Enabled» checkbox and save the result. We're reviewing possible wrong cases and will fix them in the next releases.

Free channels: If you're going to set free channels for your provider, please, use public tariff (with no provider assigned) - it's recommended - or tariff specified for another provider. To limit access to such public tariff for other provider, you may use allow / block list on tariff edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/tariffs/).

VNC: Host and port settings will selected by default as follows: port within range 5900 - 5910 and <server.url> host name. If you'd like to use custom port and name, you need to specify them explicitly in «Send command» modal window.

VNC: It's possible that some VNC sessions may be not closed automatically. To do so, you may use the following gri d (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/vnc_sessions), where you may find sessions that remain opened.

21.07.2020 [beta]


EPG: Fixed the issue when references to EPG images may not be delivered to clients via TVIP JSON API. This issue may appear on TMS installations with relatively low system resources provided. Now it's fixed, and some optimizations have been applied that reduce CPU usage relative to it.

3.5.3 (10.07.2020) [beta]


Should you use EPG with screenshots, the last update has an issue with incorrect EPG import that leads the particular channel has no EPG. Now it's fixed.

3.5.2 (08.07.2020) [beta]


TVIP API: Fixed the issue when Flussonic auth has blocked view of content with time shift or under preview mode if enabled and allowed. Now it will control whether the client is allowed to watch not only live, but time shift and preview.

TVIP API: Fixed the issue when no EPG was delivered to TVIP JSON API clients if channel offset has been specified. To make sure your EPG is up to date, use UPDATE EPG from Channels grid (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels) actions.

TVIP API: Sometimes EPG may be delivered only after relative long time period. Now cause of such behavior has been fixed.

Well-known issues

TVIP API: Shall the channel offset has been changed, you need to update your current EPG using «UPDATE EPG» actions from Channels grid (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels). We're going to automate this procedure in the next releases.

3.4.32 (29.06.2020) [beta]

When upgrading nginx configuration will be changed. Please check file name of nginx configuration for TMS (should be /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/tvip-tms-bundle.conf) before update. Some locations not be added if configuration file have a different name.


TVIP API: Some clients may have experienced some problems with time delays between account enable/disable and actual response for clients. Now it's fixed and work as it was before.

Admin UI: EPG import startup control has been improved. Now you may restart EPG source import if it doesn't start. Should it has been already started, you may try to force it.

EPG: Should you change EPG source on channel edit form (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels/), new EPG will be applied after all changes saved. You don't need to start the appropriate EPG source import.


General: Some operations like, EPG import, especially for new or obsolete installations, may be resource consuming operations.

General: We've made the next step in optimizing the content delivery to TMS-related clients like STB, mobile applications and so on. Now TMS will provide reduced time responses and increased high load rates.

Admin UI: Filtering and search have been improved to provide more accurate search and filter results.

Admin UI: Error messages have been made more informative.

Admin UI: You may see the special icon next to fields that show related entity info such as provider or account. If you click the icon, you will see the entity content in the next tab. You don't need anymore to make a long way through the grids to reach it.

Admin UI: Actions have been removed from the row end in the table. To edit entity, just double click the row you need to view or edit. To delete the item, use the appropriate action for the group related actions on the top of the grid.

Admin UI: Extra device properties have been added like device types (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/device_types) and device classes (<server.url>/admin/dashboard/device_classes).

Admin UI: Image uploading widget operation has been made to be more comfortable for use.

Provider API: API web-based documentation has been updated for better UX/UI. Also JSON formatted documentation has been provided.

New features

TVIP API: Limit for devices quantity per account. You may notice that previous versions of TMS offer you to specify device limits per account for any particular account or provider. Account settings will override provider settings by the usual way as for for other TMS settings. Prior to the current release this limit has been used for reference only. Since this release the limit will be applied. Please, pay attention to check limits specified for your accounts and providers. Note that it's impossible to make unlimited access using zero or negative number.

Well-known issues

General: TMS requires a substantial amount of RAM for good operation. We're working to reduce system requirements.

3.4.13 (07.05.2020) [beta]


Admin UI: Fixed the issue when channel or provider logo added or changed, new logo wasn't saved.

3.4.11 (29.04.2020) [beta]


Admin UI: Fixed the issue when some changes of channels, channel tags or tariffs via Admin UI may no effect on channels list that clients will receive via TVIP API.


Admin UI: Channels numbering (<server.url>admin/dashboard/channels_grid) has been optimized.

New features

Admin UI: History of device has been added to Device editor (<server.url>admin/dashboard/devices/) form. It allows finding out what account the device was belong to.

3.4.8 (22.04.2020) [beta]


Admin UI: Images now may be uploaded as logo for channels and providers.

Admin UI: Now dashboard shows actual versions of TMS sub systems.

TVIP API: Fixed the issue when EPG images and channel logotypes become unavailable after EPG import.

Admin UI: Server errors that appears for admin dashboard have been fixed.

Admin UI: Now EPG states have been displayed correctly.

Admin UI: Fixed Provider API documentation reference on the admin dashboard.

Admin UI: Filtering and sorting activities have been fixed.

TVIP API: Sometimes list of public providers may be unreachable due to server error. Now it fixed.


TVIP API: EPG import has been made more independent and makes less effect on the overall system performance, if operating on the same hardware.

Admin UI: Dashboard operation has been improved.

Well-known issues

TVIP API: If you're using EPG sources with images, your clients may not see these images in EPG n their devices. We're working to fix this issue by the next release.

3.4.1 (03.04.2020) [beta]

We are glad to announce new version of our platform. We have changed a lot since last update and spent a lot of time to make sure that new version works as it should. Nevertheless, in some cases the update may affect or stop your service. For this situation we have put a special script to revert all these changes. You may find instructions below. Please, pay attention on updated minimal requirements for load up to 4000 terminals and make sure that it's compatible with your load. This update will require more RAM for faultless operation, minimum 32 GB.

To minimize risks on the update you can order support by writing to support.tvip.ru. This option is free of charge for previous version installations.

Please, be careful during update of your production instance by using this version. Some update processes will require a long time to be completed, and meanwhile some services will not be available for your clients.

To reduce risks of denial of service we recommend to test this update on your sandbox installation.

Test bench configuration for this release is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v4 @ 2.20GHz/32 RAM/500 GB (free disk space) for minimum 4000 active and online devices.

  • Before update your instance to this release, please update your TMS to 3.2.29
  • For fallback to old tms version you need use fallback_to_old_tms.sh
chmod +x /opt/tvip-tms/fallback_to_old_tms.sh

If you use non standard database setting, please read manager configuration file


General: EPG import processing has been updated to handle various time zone settings in EPG external sources.

General: Generation of URL links in responses has been corrected.

General: Fixed issues appeared if TMS operates behind the proxy.


TVIP API: Device activation UI has been improved and prepared to apply the device locale and language.

TVIP API: Commands delivery via web sockets has been made more reliable and secured.

TVIP API: Weather data has been extended to make more complicated weather UI on clients as widget and as well as an application.

TVIP API: Profiles have been reworked to provide more accurate operation and integration of clients like STB, Smart TV and mobile applications.

TVIP API: EPG handling has been changed to be more accurate and to prevent affect on the service cold restart.

TVIP API: Channel preview feature has been extended with extra parameters.

General: Authorization and authentication have been reworked to use SSO principles.

General: EPG import processing has been updated to handle various time zone settings in EPG external sources.

General: HTTPS has been made as default schema in references to images, files and so on.

New features

General: TMS platform has been initially developed under micro service architecture approach following best engineering practice. Now it has been prepared to get all advantages of this approach. For more information, please read …

Admin UI: new admin UI has been implemented to provide better user experience. You may find more details below.

Admin UI: You won't have to tune the UI each time for your personal needs. Do it once and all your specific settings will be remembered like dark or white mode, table fields ordering, sorting, state of the left-side menu, etc.

Admin UI: Now we support URI navigation. You may take URL from the browser and, say, open it in another browser.

Admin UI: First-level topics in the left side menu show the most important features and may be clicked. Extra options may be found by expanding the them.

Admin UI: Advanced filtering has been applied for tables. This feature will be further improved to provider better user experience.

Admin UI: Editor form fields have been reorganized for better user experience.

Admin UI: All your changes have been applied after «Save» button clicked. After the editor form will be refreshed automatically. You may refresh the editor form manually, if desired.

Admin UI: Dark theme mode has been added.

Admin UI: Now it supports localisation on English and Russian languages.

Admin UI: Two-way binding widgets on the editor forms have been replaced with dropdown fields. Now it supports filtering and ordering like other fields.

Admin UI: Channels numbering may be tuned using new editor. You may find it under <server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels_grid.

Admin UI: Also you may select order of channels categories in the same manner as channels. You may find it under <server.url>/admin/dashboard/channels_categories_sorting.

Admin UI: EPG section now provides more information on what content have been read. You may find it on tab «Imported channels» under <server.url>/admin/dashboard/epg_sources

Admin UI: Config tab settings have been moved to Management menu item. You may find them under <server.url>/admin/dashboard/config

Admin UI: (Experimental) We have been working to provide more real-time data to you. As a first step, we have added dashboard that shows you state of your TMS platform instance. For now, the some data being presented may be inaccurate. We'll develop it in next releases.

General: If your system will require update, it won't require to completely restart your TMS platform, just only what that really updated. This will reduce shutdown time to seconds and only for affected parts of your TMS platform.

General: Current version of TMS platform has been prepared to handle much more your customers than its previous version. It has been optimized and improved to make it more reliable and sustainable under high load. Even if some sub systems will suffer under high load, others will work as they should.

General: We recommended to use NGINX as reverse proxy for your TMS platform.

General: HTTPS and WSS support has been supported with NGINX settings.

General: Now you may use regions for your channels. To use this feature, create your region, assign it to your provider and/or your accounts and channel tags with regional channels. You may find the regions in <server.url>/admin/dashboard/regions.

General: Shall your TMS platform instance support multi provider mode, now you may specify white or black list of providers for tariffs you have. This feature will be applied for global tariffs that are available for any provider you have.

General: Length and content of automatically generated passwords have been improved to increase security.

File API: File handling has been reorganized to reduce disk usage and provide better performance. Important files like channel logo, key files, etc. are handled via Postgres, and files that may be easily restored like EPG screenshots are handled by Mongo GridFS.

Well-known issues

Admin UI: Updated version of Media editor will be added in next releases.

Admin UI: Updated version of Provisioning editor will be added in next releases.

Admin UI: Updated version of VoD editor with localization support will be added in next releases.

Admin UI: Updated weather settings editor will be added in next releases.VoD editor will be added in next releases.

General: VNC feature has been temporary disabled. It will be updated in next releases.

General: Channel inputs scrambling feature has been temporary disabled. It will be enabled in next releases.

General: XML RPC support has been removed.

TVIP API: Fake EPG adding feature has been temporary disabled.

TVIP API: Export of m3u list of channels has been disabled in order to be improved. It will be updated in next releases.

TVIP API: Strict auth disable mode for provider has been disabled in order to be reworked.

3.2.29 (20.12.2019) [beta]


* TVIP API: Interaction between devices has been fixed. Now you may transfer the channel currently being viewed from the mobile app to any of your set-top boxes.

* TVIP API: Fixed the issue for devices operating in the other provider networks - kind of roaming. If the device provider is disabled, his devices will be considered as unauthorized and no channels will be displayed.

* TVIP API: Flussonic auth token feature has been fixed. Now updated tokens have been applied to decrypt protected content.

* CAS: Now TMS will calculate permissions for content authorizations more precisely. It will takes into account all account or device subscriptions, not just the very first. Absence of any subscription will be also handled correctly.

* TVIP API: Fixed the issue that no Video On Demand items appear on VoD STB application, even if these items have been created and available via Admin UI.


* TVIP API: As a part of general optimization, reuse of EPG screenshots has been updated. If you use this feature, time required for EPG import may be significantly less then before.

Well-known issues

* TVIP API: If you're still experiencing problems with no Video On Demand items available, please, try to change ordering of VoD tags and categories using Admin UI. This may help in some cases. The issue will be fixed in the next releases.

3.2.15 (31.05.2019) [beta]


* General: We optimized the database size controlled procedure. If you're experiencing the issue with large database size, it will be fixed. Please, pay attention on the following:

  1. You may restart TVIP TMS with no worries, the size optimization procedure will start from the last item being analyzed right before restart.
  2. The procedure has no immediate effect, it may take from several hours up to a few days, depending on how your database is large.
  3. The optimization procedure has been tuned and has no effect on overall TVIP TMS performance.
  4. To see actual size of your database after the entire optimization procedure completed, you'll need to run the full vacuum. Be aware that full vacuum procedure is blocking and may take from several minutes up to half of hour, so please, run it after TVIP TMS is shutdown and wait until it's over. Start TVIP TMS only after vacuum procedure has been completed.

* Admin: Shall the device be detached from the account, there are no changes were applied to the STB until restart. It's fixed, and now the device will be affected right now.

* Admin: In addition to digits, English case-sensitive letters, underscore and hyphen now you may use dot '.' in channel text name.

* TVIP API: POST method is allowed to user in account profile management along with PUT methods.

* Admin: Fixed the error appeared when trying to delete account with some devices assigned. Now devices will be detached from the account being deleted and then account will be deleted with no error.

* Admin API: Fixed the issue when weather-related entities may have a negative id.

* TVIP API: Fixed deserialization error in the incoming command processing.

* TVIP API: Refresh channel list command will be delivered to the client after the account subscription has been deleted.

* TVIP API: Fixed the problem when no screenshots have been made, even if Flussonic is being used as DVR streaming server.


* Optimization: major updates have been applied to provide better performance and stability. Mainly, it relates to TVIP API command processing, provider API performance and general database interaction.

* Admin: In addition to digits, English case-sensitive letters and underscore now you may use hyphen '-' in channel text name.

* TVIP API: DVR pattern has been corrected in accordance with Flussonic DVR documentation.

* TVIP API: Some major issues have been resolved in favour of the account profile processing.

Update requirements (from any version to 3.2.8)

The current update will apply significant changes to your database. Some of these changes may take a long time, especially if you use images in EPG. Your service downtime may take up to 4 hours, so plan the update carefully. It's recomended to apply the update during low load hours.

Please, do not stop the server manually until your TMS platform completes all necessary operations.

Prior to applying the current update, please, make the backup of your database and /opt/tvip-tms directory content.

If your system works under high load, it's recommended to apply the current update on backup instance before updating your main instance.

3.2.8 (26.02.2019) [beta]

Well-known issues

Admin UI: Enable/disable menu items are off for context grid menu.

TVIP API: Search feature temporary disabled and always returns «no match» result.


* Account: Enable property are enable\disable subscription on account, former behavior - enable\disable account (device could not authorized via TVIP API when account is disabled)

* TVIP API: Commands delivery has been fixed.

* TVIP API: List of public available providers now has been sorted by display name.

* TVIP API: Fixed when any image like channel logo may have white or black border in case of some specific image dimensions.

* TVIP API: Corrected some errors of displaying the favorite groups in case of their changes.

* Provider API: Fixed problem when POST update of the existing entity may lead to incorrect update if partially completed entity is provided.

* Provider API: Fixed error when GET list requests may return result like devices not assigned to any provider. Only tariffs may be public, i.e. not to assigned to any specific provider.

* Admin UI: Fixed problem when creating or updating Flussonic media server (admin#media_servers).

* Admin UI: Some misprints have been fixed in captions and descriptions like on Settings/Config tab (admin#config_items).

* Admin UI: Account password now is allowed to contain letters and digits.

* Media: Fixed wrong dynamic url generation for channel, if HLS mono is specified using media.

* Provisioning: Fixed color pattern to create or update color schemes (admin#provisioning_color_schemes).

* Provisioning: You may specify global provisioning scheme using Settings/Config tab (admin#config_items) that will be used as default. Otherwise, provisioining profile request will return 501 error code, if no provisioning profile found.

* Provisioning: the signature procedure has been aligned with the manual instructions.


* TVIP API: «mac» registration type is allowed for authorized device only.

* Admin UI: browser session timeout has been increased.

* EPG: 'EPG Service' protocol has been improved.

* TVIP API: «Start application» command now contains «params» parameter that specify URI to switch the specific channel or EPG item.

* TVIP API: Additional security has been provided by issuing the separate media token that may be used, e.g., for DRM purposes.

* TVIP API: New version v2 has been released. It provides some extra features like managing other devices, selecting the provider desired from the list of public available providers and so on. You may find more details in JSON API documentation.

* Provider API: Removed large memory consumption when using Provider API methods.

* Admin UI: Search in combo boxes starts if two or more symbols are enrtered.

* Admin UI: Main menu items have been reorganized. Main idea is that some tabs have been moved to new appropriate sections. All things related to provider are combined in Providers section. New section has been added for right holders and their settings. DVR servers are moved to Channels section.

* Admin UI: Logo may be specified for provider on Providers/Provider edit form (admin#providers).

* General improvements have been applied for performance and quick time response.

* Logging procedure has been optimized to decrease input-output performance.

* If your EPG provider does not provide images for EPG events, you may set Flussonic as dvr server to make actual screenshots. See Channels/DVR servers (admin#dvr_servers) for making the appropriate settings.

* CORS support: now you are able to use the same CORS properties as described for Spring CORS support. This allows to make the more accurate access if desired.

New features

* EPG support: Added support of EPG Service (http://epgservice.ru/) index file. This allows you upload EPG for only the particular channel if changed, but not for all your channels. To enable this feature in TMS, you need to specify EPG source protocol for your EPG source. You may find more details in EPG Service documentation.

* TVIP API: Extra info has been provided for images like width and height.

* TVIP API: Some providers may be specified as public. You may register such provider upon your own decision.

* TVIP API: User profiles now are provided. You may find more details in JSON API documentation.

* Admin UI: Since this time account logins shall be case insensitive unique for each provider. Please, make sure to check account logins and correct them if any.

* Admin UI: Channel text names shall be case insensitive unique. Please, make sure to check and correct them.

* Weather: now you may create weather forecast settings for your city on Providers/Weather tab (admin#weather). «Open weather map» [https://openweathermap.org/] weather forecast provider has been added. To use, you need to get API key from the weather provider and specify it on Settings/Config tab (admin#config_items).

* Now only one provider is allowed for one TMS instance. Pay attention, if you have more than one provider by this time and need them, please, do not delete these records - it will be impossible to make new ones by yourself. If you need more than one provider, feel free it to ask technical support.

Update requirements (from version before 3.1.12 to 3.1.12 and newer)

From version 3.1.12 TVIP TMS require java 11.

If you use version before 3.1.12 - you are using JAVA 10. For prevent startup issues (newer TMS is not support Java 10) after updating to newer version, we are recommend the next scenario (steps for Ubuntu users):

1) Update your repositories:

apt-get update 

2) Install Java 11, if you have plan to use Oracle Java 11, you can use oracle-java11-installer package from our repo (this is copy of deb package from linux uprising ppa)

apt-get install oracle-java11-installer

3) This is important - set java 11 as default

update-java-alternatives --set java-11-oracle

4) Check java version:

java --version

5) After version check - install newest tvip-tms:

apt-get install tvip-tms

6) Restart tvip-tms service:

service tvip-tms restart

Notice: Java 11 is not affected to runned process. If you install java 11 and not install tvip-tms (3.1.12 and higher) you must set Java 10 as default.

3.1.12 (06.11.2018) [beta]


* TVIP API: Fixed bad URL of images assigned as VoD entry series logo.

New features

* TVIP API: Updated up to v2. It supports some new features and backward compatible with v1.

* General: TMS requires Java 11.

3.1.9 (08.10.2018) [beta]


* XML RPC: Some fixes have been applied for outmodel devices like DIB to provide compliance with new features.

* XML RPC: Fixed case when the creating device with existing unique ID for account will result in device with no account.

* JSON API: Fixed timeshift depth available, even if no timeshift enabled.

* Admin API: Fixed the problem of creating the VOD source item «Quality» field has no value to set.

* Admin API: Fixed problem when «Apply» button stays disabled after any channel changed.

* Admin API: WS interaction has been improved to represent the more accurate state of device connection.

* Admin API: Fixed that non-global admin provider was set as default when creating a new device.

* Admin API: EPG source now may be a file having no name extension like ».xml«. Such file with no extension will be considered as XML.


* Performance: general performance parameters have been optimised for high load. If you override any such properties, please, consider to eliminate your overrides, because your parameters may be not optimal solution.

* JSON API: We're still working on accurate interaction with devices in different cases. As a part of this, now you may allow your devices to work in networks that are not specified for your provider networks (<server.url>dmin#provider_networks) and domains (<server.url>admin#provider_domains). To enable this feature, select «Enable device roaming» checkbox on your provider editor form (<server.url>/admin#providers). It's disabled by default.

* JSON API: Search API has been updated with new parameters like genre, rating and so on.

* JSON API: EPG import and update has been optimised and performance has been increased. In addition, new validation procedures have been added to eliminate problems like no EPG, even it's available in the EPG source, or need to upload EPG manually under force mode. But the option to force EPG import manually remains available.

* JSON API: Strict security mode has been implemented. You may disable it, if you'd like to use «Quick bind» not only as the first auth mode, but the following auth requests. Be aware to use this feature because it will slightly decrease the JSON API security. You may find this option in provider editor form (<server.url>/admin#providers)

* Media: media selections rules now are filtered by provider assigned to the particular admin.

* CAS: If you have no CAS data specified, the default TVIP configuration will be added.

New features

* Media: You may find details on how to use this new feature here(How to use media source in TVIP TMS).

* Flussonic support: Now you may use Flussonic content protection described here (https://erlyvideo.ru/doc/auth/middleware).

To enable it from TVIP TMS, you need to switch on «Flussonic auth enabled» checkboxes on your provider editor form (<server.url>/admin#providers) and the particular channel editor form (<server.url>/admin#channels). It's disabled by default.

To enable this feature on Flussonic, you need to add path (<server.url>/api/drm/auth_token) as «auth» parameter of Flussonic config file.

The feature will work for those channels only that are tuned for Flussonic stream server for live and timeshift playback. To provide more reliable security, you may specify a secret key in application.propeties as 'flussonic.app.secret.key' property.

* Admin UI: Tariffs with no provider may be created. These tariffs must be created by global admin and may be used by any provider. Any admin may apply these global tariffs in subscriptions regardless of his provider assigned and state is global or not.

3.1.4 (08.08.2018) [beta]


* Admin UI: Extra «Update state» action added to context menu on Devices (<server.url>/admin#devices) tab. This allows to sync the device state in TMS and actual state of device. In addition, it allows to perform the device quick binding after the device hard reset.

* Admin UI: You may control your VNC sessions using Remote VNC sessions (<server.url>/admin#remote_vnc_sessions) tab.

New features

* TVIP TMS provides the remote VNC session out-of-box for those devices that support VNC connection.

3.1.3 (31.07.2018) [beta]


* Admin UI: Some minor markup fixes have been applied on various editor forms.

* JSON API: Some authorization fixes have been applied. Now it provides more comfortable and clear way to register, authorize and activate your devices.


* JSON API: Way to define quick binding available becomes more accurate. Should you use quick binding for non-SBox devices, please, check the appropriate property of the your device type on Device types (<server.url>/admin#device_types) tab.

* JSON API: A new registration method based on activation and using QR code is now supported.

* Provider API: Extra parameter channel is provided as optional for request of tariffs list. It allows to get tariffs that include the channel with this id.

3.1.2 (24.07.2018) [beta]


* EPG: Fixed the problem of EPG import error, when any TV program has an empty title .

* EPG: Fixed the incorrect displaying the EPG around midnight, if fake EPG processing feature is enabled.


* Provider API: A new parameter that specifies number of devices allowed per account has been added to Account and Provider models.

3.1.0 (17.07.2018) [beta]


* Video-On-Demand: Added the age rating from TMDB source, when importing the content metadata from this source.

* Stalker import: Stalker import library has been improved, and some fixes have been applied.

* Device RPC: Fixed the problem with too many items in EPG.

* Provisioning: Generation of provisioning basing on provisioning profiles has been corrected. Failed xml property names have been fixed.

* EPG: Fixed the problem of EPG import error, when any TV program title is too large.

* JSON API: Fixed some authorization problems that led to wrong display of user authorization states on TV.

* Statistics: Fixed the problem of displaying the bad real-time channels' view data on UI dashboards. Now they show actual and more accurate information.

* UI: Some technical names and tokens are replaced with human-readable values.

* Provider API: Fixed the problems with sorting and filtering parameters that might cause unclear errors like unexpected empty data in payload. No API changes are applied, so you may use as before, but in more comfortable manner.


* Admin UI: Custom name may be specified for any provisioning profile.

* CAS support: Added persistent delivery of update requests to active CAS servers in case of changing the account state, deleting the device and so on.

* Provider API: After rework sending the device commands is available in Provider API.

* Video-On-Demand: VoD editor allows to add photos for actors, directors and so on. Also background image has been added to VoD content. These photos and background images may be imported from TMDB, if available.

* Provisioning: Provisioning profiles may be created in a more comfortable way. You may specify human-readable names for your provisioning profiles. Some more new items like channel icons aspect ratio have been added.

* New minor version of TVIP TMS will bring a lot of performance improvements and technical features. Among them are Java 10 support, reactive non-blocking communications with clients and some others. Also we've put many efforts to increase quality and reliability of our products by using the best Quality Assurance approaches.

* CAS: Integration with our DRM solution has been improved and now becomes more secured and reliable.

New features

* Provider portal: Exprimental. New provider portal has been implemented that uses Provider API. You may find it by URL <server.url>/provider. To login, you may use the same credentials as for authentication in Provider API requests or as for Admin UI.

3.0.55 (21.05.2018) [beta]


* Device API: Unauthorized devices will receive an empty channels list. This allows to remove any channel access in a more effective manner.

* EPG: If your EPG source file contains any items with null title, such items will be skipped instead of stopping the the overall EPG import procedure.


* General optimizations have been applied in orde to increase the system stability and performance. Please, note that after applying the current patch the startup procedure will require some more time for the first run than before.

New features

* EPG: if you have no EPG for any channel or some gaps in the channel EPG, you may enable new EPG item generation procedure. It generates fake EPG items with time length 1 hour or less. These fake EPG items will close EPG gaps or allows to generate EPG for channels without it. To enable this feature, select the appropriate option on Config (<server.url>/admin#config_items) tab.

* Provisioning: Exprimental. We provide the more clear way to deliver the provisioning for your devices. You may find it by URL <server.url>/provisioning. You may specify your own color schemes and a lot of other options. Any of your provisioning profiles may be assigned to the provider, account, device type or device. This allows you to override provisioning profile for any specific cases, e.g., the account assigned provisioning profile overrides the provider profile, and so on.

3.0.53 (04.05.2018) [beta]


* To increase database and overall performance, a lot of optimisations and adjustments have been performed.

* Device API: Some changes are applied in order to improve stability and performance of devices, when working with TVIP CAS system.

New features

* Admin UI: Channel editor form allows to specify more than one input URLs for the channel to scramble the real channel URL. One of these input URLs must be specified as active, if you'd like to use DRM config for channels.

* Admin UI: Config tab has been reworked and now it allows to edit parameters in a more comfortable way. And no need to restart TMS anymore to apply these changes.

3.0.50 (06.04.2018) [beta]


* Provider API: «Contract» field on the Channel editor form shows the right holder name in addition to the contract number.

* EPG: Prior to this version, EPG import procedure ended with error, if any tags found that do not comply with XMLTV format supported by TMS. Now such tags will be skipped, and their contents will be ignored.


* Provider API: Extended list of channel fields, which values may be received via Provider API . These are channel display number, enabled flag, channel logo image URL.

* CAS: Updated the integration with TVIP CAS server. Now it becomes more reliable and fast.

New features

* Provider API: Added some fields to filter - «quick_search» os one of them. It allows to find any match in string type parameters with the string literal specified.

3.0.42 (02.04.2018) [beta]


* Provider API: Fixed validation error, when looking for device subscriptions for device with no provider specified. * Admin UI: CAS config options delivered to devices without need to restart TMS.


* Device management: Channels content access management now may be applied to anonymous devices. * Admin UI: Menu item Cas config (<server.url>/admin#cas_configs) allows to edit cas config options.

New features

* If you're using Redis for cache, you may now specify application properties to use Redis cluster.

3.0.41 (23.03.2018) [beta]


* Provider API: device type is not required anymore to create or update the device.

3.0.40 (20.03.2018) [beta]


* Fixed some general issues as hotfix for version 3.0.35 dated 17.03.2018.

3.0.35 (17.03.2018) [beta]


* Admin UI: Fixed problems related to manipulations with accounts, devices and subscriptions, like adding the new device from Account editor form, updating the device in the same way, adding or deleting device subscriptions while new device is being created and so on.


* Now you'll get m3u list of channels together with EPG as a separate file.

* Admin UI: Some authorization issues have been solved.

3.0.34 (13.03.2018) [beta]


* Fixed the problem that sometimes leads to crash, when using Admin UI.

* Fields validation has been reworked to solve issues, when you may get wrong information what fields are required.

* Now you may add more than one entry in row editing grids like account subscriptions, device subscriptions, VoD content sources, etc.


* Provider API: please, pay attention if you use our Provider API. We've made some important changes, among them:

  1. First of all, now you may update entity using POST method from the appropriate controller, not only create it. PUT method is still supported for update.
  2. Be attention! When creating or updating the entity, you don't need to get the entity get resource path via «Location» header anymore. The response body contains new state of the entity.
  3. Some authorization issues have been solved, so you may get some more errors, e.g., working with providers or subscriptions.
  4. New Channel controller has been implemented, and you may get some info about channels. This feature is read-only and about to be a new, and we're going to evolve this feature.

In general, all these changes are pointed to increase stability, performance and security, preserving the backward compatibility.

* Admin UI: We've made some key changes that provide more fast and reliable interaction than before. Image uploading procedure also has been improved. Now it will be more stable.

* Admin UI: Tariff editor form now shows included channels. You may find this info on Channels tab (<server.url>/admin#channels) on this form.

* Device management: commands sending has been improved, and now you may send any command of available type by using the context menu. You may find such context menus on Accounts (<server.url>/admin#accounts), Devices (<server.url>/admin#devices), (<server.url>/admin#device_types) and Providers (<server.url>/admin#providers) grids. The command you specified will be sent to all devices that are related to entries selected in the grid. And you may select more than one entry in the grid. To do so, use Shift or Ctrl button.

* Device management: WebSockets support has been improved. In addition, Devices (<server.url>/admin#devices) grid shows how the device interacts with TMS - via WebSockets or by using GET-POST methods.

* Video-on-demand: the section has been improved. Some changes are as follows:

  1. video information import has been advanced. Now the import procedure provides not only information about the film itself, but list of actors, crew and also the video poster in the best resolution, if available.
  2. categories and tags may be sorted in the same way as channels, favorities and so on. This will effect on how it will be displayed on STB.
  3. when you making the series content, you may specify more options for seasons and episodes like remarks or posters.
  4. you may specify image you like as content category icon.

* Integrated Web-Portal: path to the portal has been changed. Now you may find it by URL <server.url>/portal.

New features

* CAS: TMS has been integrated with CAS server we presented later. To use any existing CAS server, you need to enable it. To make the proper settings, you may use CAS servers tab (<server.url>/admin#cas_servers).

* Admin UI: if you'd like to change the channel display number, we'll provide the special widget for you. You may find it in Channel editor form. It allows you to see, what numbers are free, and replace any existing number.

* Experimental feature: now you may specified more than one URL for any channel, e.g. depending on what stream type any particular user device supports. We called this feature as «Media». To make the desired settings and selection rules, you need to use the appropriate menu items under Media (<server.url>/admin#media). To switch this feature on, just make the settings you need, assign the required media items to the channel and empty the channel URL. We're still working on this, so some changes may be expected.

Well-known issues

* Video information import in Video-on-demand section may be relatively slow, if import data are large enough. It happens due to limits implied by the third party provider.

3.0.31 (16.01.2018) [beta]


* Fixed the critical problem with creating a new channel.

3.0.30 (12.01.2018) [beta]


* The following issue has been fixed: shall you remove the existing channel logo by using «Remove logo» button, it empties some UI elements, e.g. dual lists (like Favorities' tab ot Channel tags' tab on Channel editor tab).

* Fixed the problem with channels display numder ordering, when some random manipulations may cause null or duplicate values in display numbers. Now it's fixed, and you'll see the appropriate message on saving the ordering, if your actions may lead to any problem.

* Fixed the problem, when you see the infinite saving mask after «Save» button pressed on the channel editing form.

* Sometimes the integrated web portal may lose the authorisation after some time. Now it's fixed.

* Some fixes have been applied for TVIP JSON API related to EPG loading in order to improve performance.


* When creating the new channel, it will be assigned with max display number. You don't need to enter it manually anymore. Anyway, the display number is still a mandatory field, when editing the exising channel.

* Config tab has been restricted, and now you may not create or delete config items, but only update them.

* Be careful: default configuration has been changed, and default database name set to tvip-tms. Pay attention on update procedure (aptitude will ask you about difference in config file, and you must keep your configuration).

New features

* Experimental feature : Home tab appears. It contains the bar chart that shows top 10 popular channels with number of viewers per channel. This feature will be improved and extended.

Well-known issues

* Please, pay attention on using the ordering feature for grid that contains more than one page. Start this feature on the first page only, if you want to edit numbering for all records in the grid.

3.0.27 (21.12.2017) [beta]


* Some fixes have been applied to Provider API. Among them the following problem has been fixed: if no entity found for id being asked, the server returns 404 status code instead of 200 code. The appropriate error description remains unchanged.


* Memory optimization and general performance improvements have been applied.

* Now display numbers for channels may be changed by using the channel editing form. The feature to adjust channel display numbers by drag-and-drop has been updated and now allows to create gaps in numbers ordering. Please, pay attention, when changing the channel display numbers in drag-and-drop mode to save the desired channels ordering.

New features

* Since this patch the server supports interaction with CAS servers. Settings for CAS servers may be specified by using the appropriate place - CAS servers tab (<server.url>/admin#cas_servers). CAS server distribution packages may be supplied by request.

* Allowed channels list may be received in m3u format by using specific path GET /channels.m3u. To get the channels list, you need to use the appropriate account login and password as basic authorization parameters.

* Experimental feature : Video-On-Demand has been updated, and now you may get TV series and movie information from TMDB service (https://www.themoviedb.org). To get info, you need to know IMDB id for the appropriate TV series or movie.

3.0.24 (29.11.2017) [beta]


* Fixed the issue, when the device gets empty list of channels, even if authorized and the proper tariff assigned.

* Some changes applied on Provider API to fix the problem on updating the device (e.g., assigning the account to newly created device).

* Some fixes have been made to image processing to improve the image quality.

* EPG import progress bar shows the current import progress correctly.


* Some improvements to increase stability and performance.

* Admin UI has been improved to make usage of Video-On-Demand (VOD) more comfortable. Now you may add posters, descriptions and remarks on series. Further improvements will follow.

* New image processing modes are applied.

* Config tab (<server.url>/admin#config_items) has been improved. Client related items are only left.

3.0.21 (13.11.2017) [beta]


* Fixed the case when authorization is required each time, when opening the integrated web-portal.


* Provider API has been improved. Now it provides more accurate validation and extra error information in JSON format. If validation fails, the response will have BadRequest HTTP code. API online documentation generated by Swagger has been updated.

* General improvements to increase stability and performance.

New features

* Experimental feature : API for Video-On-Demand has been extended and now provides full support of categories for video content.

* Experimental feature : now we provide WebSockets support for devices able to use it. This feature is enabled by default. You may disable it by using property enable_web_sockets_support on Config tab (<server.url>/admin#config_items) in case of any related troubles or you don't want to use WebSockets by any reason.

Well-known issues

* IF EPG XML file contains any data that inappropriate by validation, the EPG won't be imported.

3.0.20 (31.10.2017) [beta]


* Provider API allows to set null for some fields having any complex type (mainly, id of entity), like 'account' field for PUT /api/provider/devices/{id} request. It will work, if these fields are not mandatory, otherwise you'll get the appropriate error.


* Now list of devices assigned to account (tab Devices on <server.url>/admin#accounts) contains device type column.

* Progress bar (<server.url>/admin#epg_sources, tab Import) shows actual information on EPG source import state, including update of the existing EPG and caching. The import state will available after leaving the tab and then back.

New features

* Added toolbar that contains info on existing and the last available version of TMS. Also it displays the info about the current admin and has a drop down menu. You may use the menu to make logout and look for reference on the API documentation generated by Swagger.

* When creating a new device from the scratch, shall your device unique id match with any existing device with no account assigned, new device won`t be created, but the existing device will be assigned with the account you specified. If the existing device has any account assigned, you'll get an error with the appropriate description.

* Added channels view statistics (<server.url>/admin#device_stat_channel) as a table view.

3.0.19 (18.10.2017) [beta]


* Important fixes have been applied to Provider JSON API. Problem with PUT operations has been fixed, and now examples presented by using Swagger are fully operational and comply with actual operation of Provider API methods.

* Fixed the rarely occurred problem, when devices did not receive command notifications from the server, if such commands are sent to these devices as owned by the particular account.


* Now you may look for and try any available methods of Provider API by using Swagger web tool. It's available by web address <server.url>/swagger-ui.html . To get acces on this page, you'll require to login as TMS admin with the same login and password.

3.0.18 (16.10.2017) [beta]


* Fixed the error that did not allow to login as user in the current version of Web Portal.

* Ordering for list of channels, favorites and tariffs on JSON API has been changed, now it's based only on actual numbering specified by using admin web UI.

* Content of combo boxes now will be filtered depending upon partially entered value as it was before.


* A lot of optimizations have been applied, including caching and asynchronous operations. This improves performance and increases the server operation stability during startup and scheduled actions.

3.0.17 (04.10.2017) [beta]


* Changing the channels position ordering does not cause the short-time overall performance degradation.

* Fixed the problem, when subscriber may continue to watch TV channels even if his subscription is over. Setting the subscription stop date or removing the subscription will stop watching the TV after the date specified or immediately if deleted.

* Changing the tariff in subscription will change the channels playlist automatically for the particular subscriber.

* Now the subscription may not be created with no tariff specified.


* Server optimizations are applied for TVIP JSON API performance.

* Server cache sizes have been optimized.

* You may specified the delay time for both types of message command. Default value for Confirm message is zero, which means no timer started. Default value for Notify is 10 seconds, after the message will disappear on the TV.

New features

* Server metrics are extended with cache statistics.

* Now TMS has an integrated support of Prometheus. You may use any supported modern web-based tool, like Graphana, to monitor TMS status online.

* Base URL of TMS causes showing the admin UI no more. To open admin UI, you must enter »/admin« in addition to the base URL.

* TMS provides the current version of Web Portal available by web browser. To watch it, type base URL of your TMS server into the web browser address line.

Well-known issues

* Admin UI has no link on Provider API documentation powered by Swagger.

3.0.16 (21.09.2017) [beta]


* Command menu item captions in the accounts/devices grid context menu comply with associated actions.

* Additional tariffs are correctly considered as a part of allowable channels playlist.

* Image processing for jpeg channel logotypes fixed.

* Now image URL will be generated only if the valid image exists.


* Server optimizations are applied for TVIP JSON API performance.

* Server logging has been improved.

* Now XML TV based EPG may contains no specific tags for channel. For correct processing, it will be enough if the program contains particular channel name.

* Device quick binding settings on the provider may be overridden by specifying the parameter for the particular device type.

New features

* Now devices will be automatically informed, when the provider free tariff or device type specific free tariffs are created, changed or deleted.

3.0.15 (13.09.2017) [beta]


* Fixed applying the filter on date columns like start and stop columns of the EPG events grid.

New features

* Now channels may be disabled/enabled by using the context menu.

* Quick commands to refresh or reload device may be sent to particular devices/accounts by using context menu from the appropriate grid.

* Now you may search channels, devices, accounts, etc. by entering value into the quick search field in the upper right corner.

Well-known issues

* To see the result of channels enabling/disabling, it may require to refresh the grid manually.

Versions before than 3.0.15 have no change log records

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